How To Print From A Chromebook

How To Print From A Chromebook

Printing from a Chromebook can seem a bit confusing at times.  In this how-to, we give you some simple steps to help setup printing from a Chromebook,

  1. Login in to your Chromebook.
  2. Navigate to the bottom right of your screen to where the clock is displayed and click
  3. A panel will slide open. At the top of the panel click on the Settings gear icon.
  4. In the "settings" window use the search bar to search for printers.  A list of available printers will populate.
  5. Printers are names by SCHOOL#-PRINTERMODEL-LOCATION.  Identify your school's printers by school number.  If you don't know your school number please ask a teacher.
  6. Select a printer from your school and in the location you want to print to.

Additional Tips:

If you have sent a print job to a printer and nothing happened:

  1. Check to see if the printer is sleeping.  If there is a red light on the top of the printer and the LCD says sleeping - hit the OK button to wake it up.
  2. If the printer is offline cycle the power (turn the printer off and then on again).  This will refresh its connection on the network.
  3. If you need more help ask a teacher and then can escalate the problem to their school's Learning Technology specialist.

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