Learn How To Update Your Drivers

Learn How To Update Your Drivers

Updating drivers on your PVNCCDSB issued device can sound scary but it is a fairly easy task that can eliminate issues such as internet connectivity issues.

What is a driver?

Basically, a driver is a set of instruction that let a piece of hardware, such as your WIFI network card, interact with your Windows operating system.

Why do I need to update my drivers?

As your Windows operating system (OS) updates itself sometimes your drivers need to be updated to best interact with your OS.

How do I update my drivers?

  1. Please ensure your laptop is plugged in and has at least a 25% charge.
  2. This process is made easy by utilizing the Lenovo System Update tool.  You can download that tool here: https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/thinkvantage_en/system_update_5.07.0131.exe
  3. After downloading the Lenovo System update tool navigate to your 'Downloads" folder and locate the file called "system_update_5.07.0127.exe". Double click this file to launch the installer.
  4. Follow through the prompts to install the Lenovo System Update tool.
  5. Launch the newly installed Lenovo System Update tool.
  6. Follow the prompts to download a processing package to analyze your system
  7. Select all the "Critical" and "Recommended" driver updates and click next.
  8. In the next screen select download to start the update process.
  9. Some drivers may need you to reboot your system once the updates have been downloaded and installed.

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