How To: Powerwash A Chromebook

How To: Powerwash A Chromebook

What is power washing?

Powerwashing a Chromebook erases all the user account data and profiles stored on it.   Sometimes it is necessary to do a power wash if the chrome operating system is not functioning properly.

How to powerwash your Chromebook

  1. Make sure your device has at least 25% battery available and is turned on.
  2. Ensure your wireless network is available.
  3. Hold down the CTRL+ALT+Shift+r keys:
    Powerwash Keys
  4. Select”Restart”.
  5. On the next screen select “Powerwash” and then click “Continue”.
  6. Your system will reboot to a “powerwashing” screen and then reboot again.
  7. After the 2nd reboot click “Let’s go”.
  8. Select and connect to a WIFI network.  If you are powerwashing the device at school connect to the BYOD network with your PVNC credentials.

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