Creating A Class In Google Classroom

Creating A Class In Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a digital classroom that allows teachers and students to interact in a virtual environment.


Creating A Class

  1. Creating A ClassUse the Google Chrome Browser.
  2. Sign in to Google Classroom
  3. On the Classroom homepage, click Add (+) > Create class.
  4. Enter the class name.
  5. Optional: Enter a short description, grade level, etc. Click “Section” to enter the details.
  6. Optional: Enter the location of the class (i.e. room #).

Inviting Students

  1. You can add students by email invite by clicking the “People Tab” and clicking the “Add” icon next to “Students”. Add a name and then choose invite.
  2. OR you can invite students by copying the class code and sharing that code with students. It can be found in the header of your classroom page.

Adding A Guardian

Guardians can receive email summaries of the progress of work being done in their student’s classroom.   Guardians do not have direct access into the Google Classroom, instead, they get emails containing missing or upcoming work and class activity.

  1. Sign in to Google Classroom
  2. On the Classroom homepage choose your classroom.
  3. Click on the “People” tab.
  4. Choose the “Invite guardians” option to the right of the students’ name.
  5. Add the parent’s email address and select “invite”.
  6. Once you have added the guardian email to your class summaries, their email address will appear in the right of the student’s name.


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