Learning Scope & Sequence: A Resource For Educators


Technology and digital resources are being used with increasing frequency in our classrooms and schools. Teachers, support staff and administration have indicated that there is a need for appropriate direction and policy in this area. This resource supports existing curriculum and learning. To that end PVNCCDSB has developed a Digital Privacy Learning Scope & Sequence which serves as the foundation for teaching and learning in this area. As an educator, when you introduce technologies, software, and services into your classroom, it is your responsibility to keep student privacy and security at the forefront of your planning and pedagogy.

Digital privacy and security continue to be of critical importance to our staff and students. By exploring the topics and resources listed below, educators can work with students to ensure that they have the skills needed to keep themselves and their personal information safe when navigating the ever-evolving digital world.

Please note that some of the resources associated with this page are only available to PVNCCDSB teachers and staff.  You must be logged into your PVNCCDSB Google account to access the resources linked in the sections below.

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Learning Scope & Sequence