Video Editing & Timelapse

Intro to Virtual Learning

Intro to Google Slides

Google Forms Tutorial

Introducing WeDo 2.0

Google Sheets – SUM IF statement

Google Sheets – Drop-down lists

Google Keep – Creating Note Types

Google Docs – Templates

Docs – Voice typing

Google Docs – Citations

Google Drive Basics – File Stream

Google Docs – Embed Video into Google Doc

Google Docs – PDF Conversion/Create

Google Drive Basics – Getting Started

Google Drive Basics – Grids & List Views

Google Drive Basics – Starred Function

Google Drive Basics – Templates

Google Drive Basics – File Sharing

Google Drive Basics – Colour Code Folders

What Is Virtual Reality & How Does It Work?

What to do first with Dash & Dot

Scratch Basics: Getting Started

Google for Education – 101

Start with Google Classroom

Teacher/Student View in GC