How To: Powerwash A Chromebook

What is powerwashing?

Powerwashing a Chromebook erases all the user account data and profiles stored on it.   Sometimes it is necessary to do a power wash if the chrome operating system is not functioning properly.


How to powerwash your Chromebook

  1. Make sure your device has at least 5% battery available and turned on.
  2. Ensure your wireless network is available.
  3. Hold down the esc+refresh keys and then press the power button:Esc + Refresh + Power
  4. The Chromebook will then reboot and the following screen will appear:Chromebook Screen
  5. Hold down the Crtl key and then press the letter D key.Ctrl + D
  6. Press Enter at the following screen.Press Enter
  7. Depending on the model of Chromebook, you may need to press the Spacebar and enter keys at the same time. Otherwise, just hit the enter key.Spacebar + Enter
  8. The Chromebook will reboot.  Please be patient during this process.
  9. When the powerwash is complete and the Welcome screen appears, click on the Let’s Go button and follow the prompts to connect to the correct wireless network.

Let's go

Welcome Screen

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