Google Expeditions VR Kit

PVNCCDSB is proud to be able to provide a Google Expeditions Virtual Reality kit to our schools.  The kit allows students to simulate close to 500 real life expeditions, like swimming with the sharks or visiting a National Park, without leaving the classroom.

Below are some resources that will help you get the most from your virtual reality experience.

Click the tabs below to learn more about our Google Virtual Reality Kit or obtain a download  of this information by clicking the links below:
  1. Attach the 3 external antennas to the wireless router and position it <50 feet from where the VR goggles will be used.
  2. Attach the power cord and the blue network cable to the wireless router blue “Internet” port. Attach the other end of the network cable to a “live” network jack on the wall.
  3. Power on the teacher tablet and login with password “acer”. Start the Google Expeditions program (white circle with orange flag).  Make sure that you are in Guide mode (top left-hand corner) and then scroll down to select a pre-installed Expedition to start. *Note: You can also use the search option in the top right-hand corner to search for an Expedition to download.
  4. Within the Expedition you can scroll through the scenes in the bottom right-hand corner and select Start when you have found one that you wish to begin.
  5. Have the students power-on a virtual reality viewer and swipe up to unlock it. Select Cancel if prompted to “Sign in to PVNCCDSB network”. Start the Google Expeditions program (white circle with orange flag).
  6. Make sure that students are in Explorer mode (top left-hand corner) and then scroll down to find the started field trip. Click the Follow button above the trip to join it. Click Cancel if prompted with the Google VR Services warning.
  7. Once the students are connected to the Expedition, the scenes will appear in two side-by-side windows on the viewer. The viewer can now be inserted into the red virtual reality goggles for the student to begin the experience.

Storing and Viewing Logistics:

  • Store the kit and charge it’s contents in a lockable room off the Library
  • Use a classes allotted library time to experience VR field trips
  • Keep seated while wearing the goggles. There is no need for explorers to move around the room. This can cause unforeseen injury or damage to the equipment
  • Keep the sessions to a maximum of 30 minutes to avoid eye fatigue and/or nausea
  • Use the 20 second rule. Once attaching the goggles to your head keep still and stare straight ahead for 20 seconds before moving around within the expedition. This technique has proven effective in helping to control symptoms of dizziness/nausea
  • Leverage the more experienced VR users/classes to teach the less- experienced about the setup instructions and the best practices
  • Additional VR Expeditions: Here is a link to a Google Sheet which shows the current Expeditions available:
    Additional VR Expeditions

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